Volume 4, Issue 2
December 2009

What Life Might Be

Martin O'Dea

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Proposed early steps
In the context of a long-term programme such as this, a vast amount of relevant areas are not dealt with in this article. From sociological, philosophical, religious, psychological, legal, ethical and technological perspectives much remains to be discussed. This paper humbly suggests a fuller treatment be conducted by an appropriate multi-disciplinary team in the near future.  

It is then proposed that a group of experts from fields such as scientific, political, psychological, philosophical etc. come together with relevant financial support to begin the work of looking at furthering this endeavour by initially holding open discussions on the feasibility of a variety of methods of acquiring this ‘long-term’ individual recording.

This group would hopefully draw from the many individuals and organisations currently looking at the legal status of humans in various forms of stasis and potential revival as well as ethical and moral implications of much of the technological developments underway and predicted. An early analyses of some type looking at the type of ‘society’ we wish to create in the virtual domain and the legal, moral basis of same in conjunction with our basic functions of mapping for regeneration, might be conducted.

In the longer term, if these initial works are seen to be worthwhile then an institute dedicated to this most long-term of goals should be founded.



Martin O’Dea, MBA is a business lecturer in Dublin, Ireland. His interests are varied and include areas relating to Human development through technological and biological development. Martin also operates the blog on the website: www.surpassingdeath.com.



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