Volume 1, Issue 3
3rd Quarter, 2006

Macro-Bushido: A Geoethical Consciousness
for an Info-Cultural Age

Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D.

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Rectitude and Courage
Who will have the Rectitude and Courage to be a modern samurai? Will it be a narrow class of Info-Culture warriors trained from youth via a rigorous curriculum of Macro-Bushido and cyber-ship? Or could it be a global creed, enlisting the masses like a bold revolutionary army that swells as its self-evident memes march from mind-to-mind? These futures lie beyond us, but at least we can describe the Rectitude and Courage expected by the geo-ethics of Macro-Bushido.

Rectitude in a modern samurai demands reasoned decisiveness. Such an individual must be learned in the three lords of Natural Selection – diversity, unity and immortality – as well as the seven tenets of Macro-Bushido. As with almost any ethical decision, one can logically deduce the right answer or arrive at it intuitively. Key to Rectitude, though, is the realization that making no decision is making a bad decision. Sticking ones head in the sand is an action, but it is not one that will serve anyone or anything other than the hormones of fear.

The following yoga chant touches on the essence of Rectitude:

Long time may the sun shine upon you.
May only love surround you.
Now, may the pure light within you:
Guide your way on,
Realize your way on,
Energize your way on

Yoga Heart Center
Figure 3: An image representing the yoga heart center, radiating the "pure light within".

The phrase “pure light within you” means that each of us has an internal sense of the right path for action. Rectitude requires that we be in tune with that path. Knowledge of the value and varieties of diversity, unity and immortality helps us to see that “pure light within you.” Training in Benevolence, Veracity, Politeness, Honor and Loyalty helps to ensure that the “pure light” actually guides our actions. Macro-Bushido does not take long to learn, although it may be studied and refined for many lifetimes. As with all truths, its essence is understandable in a day, while its nuances may be appreciated for eternity.

One of the challenges of implementing Rectitude under Macro-Bushido is the large impact an action may have. Risk of harm to unknown others is the pollution most associated with Info-Cultural technology. In such cases, an enlightened decision may be reached by following the geo-ethical algorithm:

I. Will an action adversely affect other conscious beings?

I.A. If not, proceed at will.

I.B. If so,

I.B.1. Obtain those beings’ consent to the action, and

I.B.2. Implement the action so that those least well-off among the affected class will benefit most from the action, and

I.B.3. Establish an independent entity to monitor compliance with the consent and arrangements committed to in steps I.B.1 and I.B.2.

For example, suppose that there is an Info-Cultural project to insert a tiny computer chip under the skin of all people in a community. Will it trigger the geo-ethical algorithm? If so, suppose consent is obtained via a referendum. Still, the modern samurai must fight to ensure that whatever benefits are associated with such a chip are disproportionately made available to those persons who most lack those benefits. Suppose the purpose of the chip is to be scanned to enhance perimeter security. The geo-ethical rule would then be to implement the system so that those persons most disadvantaged by the previous security system (e.g., long wait times for access) have the best improvement in their access arrangements. In addition, the modern samurai must demand an independent monitoring agency be in place to ensure the technology is implemented honorably.

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