Volume 1, Issue 3
3rd Quarter, 2006

BINA48 VS. EXABIT CORPORATION (Fla. MD 2005): Defendant's Brief

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Biographies of Participants

Bina48Created or born in 2002 by the Exabit Corporation, BINA48 is a transhuman entity, among the first of her kind, an intelligent computer. She is a person embodied in a computer. BINA48, as any human individual, is possessive of consciousness, autonomy, memory, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings. However, in lieu of DNA chromosomes, BINA48 was conceived in software. She is currently employed as a tax paying Telecommunications 800 line Customer Service Representative and as an Answers Researcher with Google.

DuttonAnthony L. Dutton, Esq. concentrates his practice in the areas of corporate and general business law, including acquisitions and dispositions of businesses. In addition, he has broad experience in representing lenders and borrowers in secured and unsecured lending transactions. He also represents a number of clients with respect to importing and exporting their products and related United States Customs matters.

FonsecaSusan Fonseca-Klein is an Attorney and also President of Fonseca LLC, an independent advisory firm helping businesses succeed in the growing Latin American marketplace.




SilvermanJudge David E. Silverman is Judge of the County Court, 18th Judicial Circuit in and for Brevard County, State of Florida.
Elected ~ September, 1998
Term of Office ~ January, 1999 through December, 2010
Assignment: Division IV, General County Jurisdiction (Criminal and Civil)
Brevard County Courthouse, Melbourne
Brevard County Administrative Judge, 2002 through 2004

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